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Manufacturing establishments (suppliers) in the USA.

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Retail trade large enterprises (large distributors) in the USA.

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Business establishments (B2B customers) in the USA.

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With decades of sales experience and thousands of retail account team relationships on the CMI team, our suppliers typically grow at revenue rates significantly higher than the average revenue run rate within a distributors product category.


By understanding who the customer is and what the customer needs to know to make a decision, we are always putting products in the best position to seal the deal. We actively engage manufacturer field resources to connect our suppliers’ product offerings with the customers who are most ready to pursue their products. We guide our vendors in the process of advertising opportunities.


Every day we assist suppliers in navigating the many nuances of conducting business with retail accounts. With extensive relationships and knowledge of the hardware channel, we truly understand how all of the various pieces are connected to fully develop the supplier–customer relationship.


Until the product arrives into the customer’s distribution center, our job isn’t complete. We help align supply chain differences of suppliers and distributors so that the customer always receives optimal service.

How We Get Results

Connecting People

  1. Connecting suppliers and desired distribution partners
  2. Connecting distributors and customers ready to make a purchase
  3. Connecting customers and suppliers to find solutions

Connecting Products

  1. Identifying the top products in the co-op retail channel
  2. Ensuring products get into the facilities of the right customers
  3. Guidance for account specific business plans

Connecting Processes

  1. Facilitating Contract & Cost Negotiations
  2. Completing New Product Additions & Line Reviews
  3. Maximizing Supply Chain Performance
  4. Trade Show Coordination